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     Here are a few videos you absolutely have to have ! These aren't just reports or interviews but the funniest of her TV appearances :-)
A big huge thanks to, The for allowing us to share these moments of pure bliss ;-)

- A hilarious one minute clip (for us and Nat) that's only 1.22MB. It's from the Oprah Winfrey show where Nat brought a tape of a stage musical called Cabaret that she played a few years ago. I'll let you discover the 'little surprise' (quoting Natalie) that provoked an inhibited laughter from Natalie :)

- Hehehe ... Luc Besson speaking English :o) I'll be the first to make fun of the French accent... at least I understand it :o) This video is from the making of The Professional that takes 4.11MB for 30 seconds. Natalie goes delirious so don't miss this one :)

- Read what the director himself said about the legendary champagne scene... 7.6MB and 50 seconds to listen to the most beautiful laugh in the world, a little drunk but beautiful all the same ;-)

- A big thanks to Laurent for having concocted this screen saver (1.6MB) composed of Natalie pics, all beautiful (as are all photos of Nat ;-). And, like all Natfans, Laurent is generous enough to grace us with a second screen saver (1.4MB) comprised exclusively of Mathilda, alias Natalie in Léon (The Professional). If you only want one of the two, I suggest the first that, in addition to being of higher quality, contains a music giving the impression Natalie is parading for us ;o)

- For the "voyeur" in those who want to spy on Natalie, here's a webcam in Long Island. If you happen to see Natalie, send a snapshot ! ;-)






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