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     Natalie was born on Tuesday, June 9th, 1981 in Jerusalem, Israel. At age 3, her Israeli father, just starting his career as a doctor, decided to move to Washington D.C. in the United States, considering there were more opportunities there and the prospect of rejoining his American wife's family.
LongIslandFour years later, Natalie and her parents moved once again to the state of Connecticut.
They now live in Long Island, New York, just east of Manhattan where you will also find Queens and Brooklyn.
An only child, her father is an infertility specialist and her mother is a 'housewife' but hates being called that because it sounds like she's married to a house. When asked what her mother does, Natalie hesitates, answering "She's an artist" (because her mother studied art in college) or "She's a mom". Quite a family dilemma ! :-)

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